Hajiya Farida A Sule:- Mary Xmas In advance.

Hajiya Farida A Sule Called upon Christians Faith To Be Prayerful For The State To Be Surmountable

Her Excellency Hajiya Farida A Sule Admonished Christians to be Prayerful in the holy place of worship for the state to be Surmountable and supersede any obstacles along the journey of this governance.

She emphasized that prayer still remains the most needed tool to run a successful Governance, therefore, we are not encouraged to take prayers lightly not only the place of our worshipping but also in our houses and working places as prayer is not slated to be observed in a particular place.

She deduced with a statement saying our administration is taking neither religion nor tribal sentiment forth we are one living as a human being serving the same being God and living under the same government hoping for brighter tomorrow, therefore, the goals are how to surmount all obstacle that will inhibit the growth of our state is our main priority.

Happy Sunday and Mary Xmas In advance.

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