Rahama  Sadau has set up a foundation to give Almaniri’s cold relief Stuff.

A prominent Kannywood Actress Rahama Sadau has set up a foundation to give Almaniri’s cold relief Stuff. This year Harmattan has come particularly severe for West African country, Experts have discovered that it had never been cool like this Year.

The beautiful Actress launches support for Almajiri’s Student to provide cold relief stuff During a period of extreme drought in West Africa, especially in Nigeria.
some well-known people in Nigeria have started trying to support the less fortunate. The Almajiri’s Students are mainly focused on providing because most at times they don’t usually have good clothes to wear let alone the one to protect them from this extremely cool weather. This year’s cold season came as a surprise because the cold affected areas that did not normally experience extreme cold.

The Outstanding Kannywood Actress that use to cause a lot of controversies, posted in her Twitter handle that the would distribute cooling materials to Kaduna, Katsina, Jos, Bauchi, Kano, and others.
We can’t help anyone but each of us can help another,” according to the Actress. “There is no better way to help them (Almaniri’s ) than to provide them with relief.” She called on people to collaborate to support the disciples, who she said should not be tracked. This is not the first time the Kannywood stars have started supporting the less fortunate in public. Stars such as Hadiza Gabon, Mansura Isah, Aisha Tsamiya, and others were also helping the less privileged people.

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