The King: eternal monarch episode 1 summary” lee min ho”

The King: eternal Monarch.

Two worlds one Reason (purpose)

Episode one began in interrogating room Lee rim narrated that during the Silla period, the Dragon King of the East gifted King Sinmun a mystical bamboo flute.
During uring the Silla period, the Dragon King of the East gifted King Sinmun a mystical bamboo flute.

Lee rim National id show that he 70yr-old but yet looks like 25, he believes the reason to be Manpasikjeok, a fabled flute of old that allows one to transport between worlds.

The episodes cut to the kingdom of Corea where we see Imperial Geum, Lee Lim with Four Tiger Sword, With his men heading toward the King who seems bemused that his brother has shown up.

Lee Lim instantly kills the King(brother) and tries to kill the crown prince lee gon by strangles the child, making him bleed, but then someone saves him by attacking Lee Lim’s men, so Lee Lim has to flee and run back to a parallel world.

The kingdom of Corea now has a new king with his new friend the unbreakable sword as he was named by the Little king lee gon.

Back to 2019, the grown-up Gon is dressing up to meet the prime minister GU SEO-RYUNG who is daying to be his Queen.

Back in the Republic Of Korea, lieutenant Jeong Tae-Eul works with the police and the same Tae-Eul (the White rabbit ) which lee gon is searching for the past 25 years
Did lee gon meet his Savior Lieutenant Jeong the-run?

Back to the kingdom of Corea king lee see the White rabbit again and chase after the person, he suddenly finds himself in bamboo wood, he sees portal, knowing what is happening lee gon walk through the portal with his white horse.

Back to the Republic of Korea lieutenant Jeong Tae-eul sees a man on a horse ride through the traffic and tells him to stop upon seeing her king lee is suddenly alarmed.

He gets off his horse and walks toward, checks her ID and said
“I’ve finally met you Lieutenant Tae-eul.”

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