The King: eternal monarch episode two review

In the previous episode, we see Lee Gon hugging the police officer on duty wink 😉

The King: eternal monarch episode two opened with Tae-eul interviewing lee gon, requesting his ID card.

Instead, he tells her that he’s from the parallel world and asked Tae-eul to take him to queen Yuna since he is the King of Corea, rather, she arrested him and bring Maximus outside the police department.

Tae-ul searches his belongings surprisingly she finds a lot of material related to the Kingdom of corea.

Lee gon is concerned by her personality because she gives him an attitude, in order to the world.

Lee Gon sees Jo Eun-seob an alternate to Jo Yeong but suddenly realized that he is not the one.

Back to the Republic of Corea Jo Yeong is busy looking for Lee Gon while in Korea the wants to know his identity.
Will Tae-eul believe him?
Well, lee understands that the cannot trace his identity and try to explain the parallel world using science.

Lee Gon is now is and decided to live in an expensive hotel by selling a diamond ring to a pawn shop.
Lee gon assures the Tae-eul that he has the same ID card she has, the one he acquired 25years ago.

Tae-eul wonder if king lee has a family that will miss him, lee State that he is not married and decides to make Tae-Eun his Queen and wife.
Will Tae-Eun believe lee gon and become his Queen?
Will Jo Yeong ever think of the parallel world?
What will be the reaction of Ok-nam if they couldn’t find lee gon?
Find out in the Next episode review of The King: eternal monarch.
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