WhatsApp will introduce#Ads on its platform.

Does it seem WhatsApp will take the path of Facebook to disrupt our feed, videos, and others with ads?
Are they are launching adverts on the WhatsApp as well? After this, we can only say that it is not far when advertisements will be sent to your home packaged in a gift wrap, so there is no chance for you to avoid it!

WhatsApp is one of the largest message networks where you will find about 1.5 billion users that regularly use WhatsApp for various reasons. WhatsApp is famous for the feasibility it gives to users to communicate with their friends and family.

The new update will ruin the whole WhatsApp status section (as known as Stories) for everyone, as soon it will be flooded with product advertisements. As a result of this development, users may leave WhatsApp forever, while some users decide to switch to Telegram.

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