why you should I keep watching of the king’s eternal monarch?

  • The King: Eternal Monarch ratings are going back and forth

Summary: the Drama tells the story of a king who passes through a mysterious portal into the parallel world

  • genres: Historical, science-fiction time- travel and Romance.
  • The King was written by the popular K-drama writer Kim Eun-sook
  • Kim Eun-sook wrote a popular drama like
  • Secret Garden(2010) Staring Ha Ji won,
  • The heirs (2013) staring lee min ho
  • Guardian(2016) Staring Kim Go- Eun

But why is the King rating dropping?

  • Some viewers think the drama is so repetitive and so the ratings will definitely drop.

Yeh Lee acted in the faith (2012) which had a very similar story

The King’s first two episodes have a higher rating

  • According to Nielson Korea, Episode one has 9.2% and 10.1%.
  • Episode two has 9.9% and 11.4%.
  • Episode three has 8.5% and 9.7%
  • Episode four has 7.8% and 9%.
  • The King emerged as the most viewed drama worldwide on Netflix.
  • The popular IMDb rate it according to users by 8.4 %.
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